Leadership Team

About Us

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is an emerging growth company incorporated under the laws of the United States of America in the state of Colorado. The company seeks opportunities within the Cannabis Industry to license technology solutions to operators and stakeholders, acquire and develop intellectual property, and to support and engage in research on medical cannabis products.

As a diversified customer centric Management / Holding Company Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks opportunities globally in various markets and is driven to surpass all expectations in its performance to achieve success.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is never afraid of new ideas or innovative technologies. On the contrary, we strongly believe that we must embrace new technology in order to be successful and to make meaningful advances.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. partners with businesses that choose innovation in both technologies and in their business model. The companies we partner with, either as wholly owned subsidiaries or as joint venture partners, operate within emerging growth markets here in the USA or in the global market. These companies share our vision and understanding that innovation is not limited to new technologies but that it is inclusive of the improvement related to current business models to improve efficiencies.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks to build positive value for our shareholders and inspire optimism by partnering with industry specific companies that share our vision. We at Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. value time and skills because our overall objective is to focus on activities that provide comprehensive solutions, including consultation & implementation, that result in positive growth for our company and our partners.

Our objective is to work with companies that are positioned to capture market share via strong management, innovative products and exceptional services.

The Team

Josh Alper


30 years of experience in science, technology, branding, including sales and marketing of consumer and industrial products with emphasis on emerging technologies, technical sales and product development. Extensive technology collaboration and project management experience, including business plan development from concept through execution. Expertise in Cannabis Science, Security, Energy, Construction, Critical thinking, Green Business, Specialty Food Products and Human Consciousness.

Todd Scattini


Todd brings strong leadership, global vision, and strategic direction to our multi-disciplined team of business experts and cannabis professionals. His energy is drawn from his passion for the plant and a deep-seeded desire to unpack all its possibilities to heal patients and our planet, legitimately contribute to a global economy, and bring social justice to our society. He is committed to creating an effective and responsible legal cannabis market on a global scale. Todd is a West Point graduate and brings with him vast experience gained during a distinguished military career serving in a broad range of leadership positions in complex domestic and international settings, including five years of diplomatic service. He is an expert at providing consultative assistance to senior leaders; developing and managing relationships with key decision makers; managing multiple complex projects simultaneously and communicating organizational goals and objectives. He has laid the groundwork for high impact in the rapidly emerging European markets.

Sebastian Nassau


With executive experience in the cannabis industry dating back to the onset of adult-use cannabis legalization in Colorado, Sebastian has to date worked with over 120 cannabis companies and organizations in a business development capacity. His previous clients include some of the most successful cannabis companies both nationally and internationally. Sebastian has worked extensively with dispensaries, infused product companies, cultivators, and service-based/value-adding companies. His specialties are new business development, strategic planning, team building, customer acquisition & retention, project management, B2B marketing, community outreach, and operations.