Management Statements

Management Communication to BLDV Shareholders

November 2nd, 2022

The company continues to take steps to strengthen our financial fundamentals. BLDV has seen a slight increase in revenue throughout the quarter and has taken on no new debt during this period.

We continue to focus and work on BLDV’s Four Strategic Pillars.

Enhance Investor Appeal, during the first half of this year we completed the initial stage of building the financial processes and reporting fundamentals of BLDV. We now have fully engaged a PCAOB registered auditor and have begun the comprehensive audit of our finances for 2021 and 2022. This will move us closer to audited statements beginning in 2023. During the 3rd quarter BLDV sold 162.5 Million shares of newly issued F-Series Preferred Shares at the sale price of .0008 per share. Funds raised are being used to build company infrastructure and support the financial audit.

We continue to Strengthen the Business Model, ICS Consulting Service LLC, acquired by BLDV on August 1st, 2022, has been onboarded on to the core Technology Platform of BLDV, allowing them to use these tools to expand their capabilities with current clients and scale their base of operations.

Expanding the Portfolio – BLDV is continuing to work with related companies and synergistic strategic partners to identify acquisition possibilities. Harvest 360 and ICS Consulting are now working together on multiple projects proving the value that we anticipated.

Advocating for Veterans Access and Social Fairness in the Cannabis Industry – the NEXTGEN Cultivation Accelerator developed by Harvest 360 has been expanded to include more teams and more markets. The NEXTGEN program will be featured in Las Vegas at the MJBizCon on November 16th 2022.

We are optimistic that the end of year will bring continued progress for the company goals.



Yale Peebles – Chief Executive Officer, Blue Diamond Ventures Inc.

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